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Description Year Call(s)
Topless in Arkansas 1969 WAKGD/K2PFC/WAEVO
CH Strategery Meeting 1970 KIFL/W4YWX/WAEVO
Michigan Mini 1995 Ragchew 1995 N8ESR AND GROUP
CH'ers Out in Thurston County 2003 K7INA/WQ7A/K7VAY
KL1V Invades Alabama 2008 KL1V/K4EXT/KG4VBK
The Lunch Bunch of Roanoke 2009 AE3Z/AB4YZ/W1VA/K1SO
Discovering Madison County 2010 N5MLP/KL1V
Anchorage Breakfast Club 2010 NKV/NDXE/KL1V/KL7D
Silver and Ed 2010 N9QS/N3HOO
Geez Guys - Get A Room! 2010 KB6UF/KZ2P
Ed and More Friends 2011 K1SO/W1VA/N3HOO
Meatloaf Monday 2011 NX4C/KG4VBK/K4EXT
The Great Smokies 2011 NX4C/K4YFH/W4URZ
Silver in Knoxville 2011 NX4C/N9QS
Historian in Heat 2011 KA9JAC/KB9YVT/K4EXT
Rob and Jeffrey 2012 KPVW/AF3X
Larry and Rob 2012 W7FEN/KPVW
Katrina 2012 KK4SKQ
Kay and Mary 2012 N9QPQ/AB7NK
Breakfast with Wes and Bill 2012 NX4C/K2HVN
Terry Meets Histo-Hippy 2012 WQ7A/K4EXT
Pow-Wow in Bristol, VA 2015 K4EXT/KG4VBK/AB7NK/K7SEN
Mary and Justin Share a Selfie 2015 AB7NK/KG4VBK
Meeting at Kalawao/Maui Line 2015 NXX/K7DM/ACB/KBMHH
Tom and Al at Nutmeg Hamfest 2015 K1TW/N1API
3M Fun in Tennessee 2015 N8KIE/N4CD/K2HVN/N8RLJ
Mary and Scottie at the 3M 2015 AB7NK/N4AAT
More Groups to Come -- Stay Tuned!

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