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David Pyle (Hillsborough County, NH)

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I started in ham radio in 1979 at my Jr. High School radio club and quickly became interested in DX (hence the DX callsign). I have earned my WAS, WAZ, VUCC and DXCC and been active in contesting as part of multi-multi stations and single operator in the ARRL and CQ WW contests. I have also operated field day from N1FD in Nashua, NH.

County hunting started for a short time in the mid-90s but got hooked in 2005 when stumbled across the 20 meter net again. Since then, I have completed USA-CA and Bingo and working towards other awards. I enjoy helping out on the nets with spotting and running stations, even though I cannot pronounce some of those obscure counties. I enjoy running counties and am always working to improve my mobile station, now having the capability to run all bands. CW is still a work in progress but I am increasing my totals and running more counties on both modes now, digital is next.

On a personal side, I have a non-ham, yet very supportive wife Stephanie, a ten year old daughter Cassie and an eight year old son Chris, who may often be heard in the background while I run counties. I work in the computer industry doing database analysis consulting which gives me the opportunity to sometimes work from home and county hunt at the same time.

de KW1DX

Dave Awaiting the Oncoming Train! - Courtesy KW1DX (2013)

The KW1DX Mobile - Courtesy KW1DX (2013)

Nice Clean Mobile Setup! - Courtesy KW1DX (2013)

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