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Jerry Mertz (Hubbard County, MN)

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I started county hunting from Michigan in 1967, operating CW on the old CHN frequencies of 7035 and 14070. In 1998 following a seventeen year break from county hunting, I installed my first mobile system and became very active on both the CW and SSB nets. Since 1998, in addition to my own trips, I've made 32 trips with other county hunters while operating from 13 different states.

In 1973 I began participating in the CW County Hunters Contest from Georgia (1973-1976), Louisiana (1977-1978), and finally Minnesota (1998-2013). I am the only participant to have won all four categories of the CW contest.

Selected as the MARAC CW County Hunter of the Year in 2004, and recipient of ten Best CW Mobile of the Year awards and eleven Best CW Net Control of the Year awards. In 2006, I became the first operator to work all of the counties on 30 meters.

Secretary of MARAC from 10 May 2006 to 12 July 2008.

de Jerry, WGXQ

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